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Warm Water.

Original soulful jazz.



We are SO EXCITED to announce that our quartet( 🎷🎹🥁🎤) will be going to Brooklyn to collaborate with Leesta Vall Sound Recordings to do a direct to vinyl live session October 20th!

Here's how it works: YOU (yes you!!) pre-order a 7" vinyl and choose a song from the list you want us to record and then when we go in the studio we record a vinyl just for you! Each one will be totally unique So... follow this link and check it out!! 


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Released August 4th, 2018

"Young Bud," an ode to Spring

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Our August 2018 tour was a huge success! We connected with old friends and new and explored bits and pieces of the music communities around the northeast. Stay tuned for future tour dates and check out some pictures and videos from the tour below!


THe Band


Warm Water is a musical group based in Burlington, Vermont, consisting of Hannah Hausman on vocals and Jack Hanson on keys, with ability to add drums, sax, etc. They formed in late 2016 and have been performing regularly since then at bars, clubs, restaurants, house shows, weddings, and events.

They perform almost all original music and like to pepper in standards from the American jazz and soul traditions. Their original music draws on those genres, along with R&B, folk, funk, and blues. Their sound is melancholy, soulful, poetic, and passionate. Take a listen and you too, will find yourself submerged in Warm Water.


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